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2019 Fetish Club @EroExpo Hasselt .

One of the topics in the Fetish Club is a photoshoot. Some results. Enjoy, and make sure to visit the Fetish Club at the Antwerp…
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About online boobs .

Have you seen "Taboob"? The tagline: AN ARTFUL INVESTIGATION INTO INSTAGRAM’S DEFINITION OF A FEMALE BREAST I really endorse such projects. It is cool to…
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Fetish Club @EroExpo .

We're teaming up with the EroExpo events (Mechelen (11-13 October), Hasselt (08 - 10 November), Antwerpen (14 - 16 February) and Gent (06 - 08…
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Wanderburg presents on history of shibari .

Yup, at the RopeRetreat, Wanderburg will do a presentation on his research on the history of Shibari. And you as a participant have the opportunity…
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Ero Expo 2019: Antwerp .

Hi All! Some of you know that we've been to the Antwerp Ero Expo again this year. We teamed up again with the incredibly nice…
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New cards! .

With some fairs coming up, and a low stash of "business cards" to hand out, we thought it would be nice to design new ones.…
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Ligatio & lizanne: Private tuition at the RopeRetreat 2019 .

Hi All! Lizanne and I will be present a lot at the RopeRetreat, and we won't be teaching a workshop week (for reference, see here…
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The internet war on sex is here .

Not as if we didn't see it coming, but this sums up nicely what is happening... Read the article "The internet war on sex is…
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Fetishfestival 2018 – Dendermonde .

Hi! As you may know, we had our own booth at the Fetish Festival 2018! We had lots of fun, did a lot of rope, and…
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The story of Japanese bondage .

Heads up bondage adepts/lovers/enthusiasts! A very good friend of mine, Wanderburg (besides a really nice guy with a warm heart in general and for the…
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2018/08/18 – Boudoir Bizarre XXVII – report .

So... we did a show at Boudoir Bizarre! It was so nice to be there for the second time. We had great fun on stage,…
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First blog posting .

Yeah, they say that when you get a website together, you should write a first blogpost. This is it. Taste it. Lick it... Enjoy
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