If you want to excel, you'll have to learn. You'll have to practice. You'll have to invest time. Get pointers on your own journey of Rope Bondage.

"He who thinks knowledge is expensive, underestimates the cost of ignorance."

  WARNING: This page might be boring for you. It's a lot to read. Escape while you can! But stay with me if you're looking for progress...!
Why private tuition?
To go along the path of your own journey, it is useful to get pointers in the right direction. Independent of what level of experience you have, there is always something you can learn. Maybe I cannot teach you, but maybe I can. Due to over a decade of bondage and teaching experience I'm confident that I can teach you something new with special attention to:
  • Speed: Getting up to speed by 'doing things faster' will only get you so far. By doing things smarter, you'll get really fast. Why is speed important? Because if you have the speed in your fingers, you'll get fluent. Your muscle-memory will get trained, leaving you time to focus on the real fun: quality time and intimacy with your partner.
  • Insight: It's good to learn 'how it is done'. It's better to also learn why it is done that way. Learning new tricks is good. Fully understanding them is better.
Getting private tuition will give you the awesome sensation of mastering new skills, independent of the level of experience you have. It will also motivate you to go along the wonderful path of Rope Bondage. All this is tailored to your level, your expectations and your needs, not forgetting of course the level, the expectations and the needs of your partner / model!
Okay, but is it something for me?
There are many reasons why people prefer private tuition over attending a (public) workshop.
  • You just might not feel 'at ease' at a public workshop. Some people still find attending a workshop 'in public' is 'admitting' you're into kinky stuff. Well, everybody attending this workshop is into the same stuff as you are. He who judges you for being into bondage, is a fool. Of course, a 'public' workshop is still behind closed doors. The only thing 'public' about this is, that there are more people attending.
  • You have a 'public function', you're a well known person, your job requires you to have an immaculate record, ... You might feel safer by taking a private tuition session. After all, for learning, it is best that you feel comfortable.
  • You're looking for specific skills or tips and tricks. You have specific questions about techniques you want to master. You feel that you would grow from very specific advice.
  • You really want to advance in your bondage skills, but you cannot seem to find the time to attend a workshop - the schedules just don't match.
  • ...
These reasons might or might not comply with your views or reasons. That's okay. All reasons are 'valid'.
So, it's up to you to decide if private tuition is something for you or not. Read on below. If this doesn't provide you the answers you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact me.
What can you teach me?
Well, many things I'd say... You can find a few below. However, this list is not limiting of course. Get in touch and we'll find out together if I can help you find what you're looking for. Please do note that non of the examples below are consecutive to another. They're all unrelated.
The basics / a refreshment
So you know you're interested in Rope Bondage. But where to start? There are so many things out there, there is so much online. But what is good to learn from and what is not? Besides, online material cannot give you feedback. It cannot correct you if you're doing it wrong (and it's the details that matter most!). You cannot 'see it from the other side' if you feel you need to, to better understand the technique. Getting the basics taught in a private tuition session will make sure you're getting started in the right direction, learning the right techniques on which you can build.
Maybe you've been into Rope Bondage in the past, but somewhere along the way you lost your skills. Ready to pick them up again? A refreshment might be just the thing you need!
The 'more advanced basics'
So, you're mastering the basics. Where do you want to go now? You're looking to expand your set of techniques, and looking to take your skills to a higher level.
The Takate Kote
The Takate Kote (box tie) is a 'standard exercise' with many benefits...
  • It contains many different techniques, getting you familiar with different aspects of bondage.
  • It is often the base if you're looking for suspensions.
  • It allows so much creativity, while not losing sight on safety and aesthetics.
  • It allows you to dig deeper in the 'why' of different techniques and offers you insight in general bondage concepts.
Erotic Bondage for lovers (basic level)
So many different reasons why you want to learn bondage. It isn't wrong in any way that the erotic aspect of Rope Bondage speaks to you. Together, we explore in this session(s) how to apply Rope Bondage for erotic or sexual activities, while ensuring a 'safe and sane' situation.
Sadistic Bondage - the thin line between pain and pleasure
Rope Bondage can be used to be sadistic. However, it is more than 'rough rope play' to get there. 'How' and 'what' will be dug into in this session(s).
What is the price for a private tuition session?
The rate is EUR 50/hour. Typically, a session takes 2 to 4 hours. 2 hours might be a bit short, but suitable for specific things or details. 3 hours is average. 4 hours is okay if you're looking to learn a lot and have energy aplenty. Longer than 4 hours might be too much to deal with. It's much information to process. Give your brain enough time to deal with all the new knowledge.
If you got yourself a RopeBox you'll have a 10% discount voucher for private tuition. Use it. Please do mention it when discussing the session by email.
If you're looking for multiple sessions, if you want a specific curriculum, I'm sure we can work something out on the price part.
If you're organising an event (see further) and you want me to provide a workshop, get in touch. We'll see what we can work out...!
Where will those sessions take place?
Well, that could be your place, my place (Antwerp area), or another place. Let's discuss these details by email.
What does a session look like?
Well, what you would expect. We start by saying 'hello' and make sure we're all at ease. Then we get to the ropes. Typically I demonstrate techniques (or parts of them when they contain many steps) and than you repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until you're comfortable with it. Then we move on to the next steps. Along the session, you will notice your own progress. You'll see that you'll master the techniques step by step. After the session we say 'goodbye'. That's polite and goes along nicely with the 'hello' we started the session with ;-))
Are there any prerequisites for private tuition?
Yes and no. Of course, that depends on the kind of level that you're looking for. Start with the basics and move on from there. If you feel confident to take a lesson at a certain level, go for it. But make sure that you are at the level that you think you are. It's always easier to 'step up' during a teaching session (meaning that we can always add more 'on the spot') than to 'step down' (slowing down, and not getting where you wanted to be). The former will give you a great feeling (YES! I learned even more than I was looking for!) where the latter might give you a shitty feeling (oh no, seems that I overestimated myself!). However, what is mandatory: You should be willing to learn. Suck up the knowledge like a sponge. Have an open mind, and stay focused. Success guaranteed!
What is the dress code for such a session?
There is of course no dress code for such a session! However...
  • If you're the one learning the ropes, wear something comfortable. Wear something that makes you feel at ease. I'll probably be wearing a jeans and a t-shirt myself :-)
  • If you're the one who is being bound, wear something that is comfortable. Wear something that makes you feel at ease. However, it might be convenient if you wear something 'more tight'. Loose clothing, or clothing with a lot of fringes tend to get in the way during bondage. Such clothing won't give the one doing the bondage an easier ride...
OOPS! I almost forgot the big 'Do I have to be naked?' question! Let's keep it simple: NO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE NAKED/TOPLESS!!! But what if I really want to be naked/topless during the session? That's fine by me. Your call. Whatever makes you feel comfortable... I really hope that question is solved once and for all now :-)
What if I want a longer curriculum?
Please do elaborate on where you want your bondage path to go to. We'll work out some details together, and we'll see where we end up. Where exactly we'll end up depends on your vision, your creativity, and your commitment to yourself. It's exciting for me to accompany you on that path. I'm looking forward doing so!
Do I get a diploma / certificate / ... on completing one or more tuition sessions?
No. I just share with you the views and insights that I acquired over the years. I teach you how and why according to my experience, putting 'safety', 'knowledge', 'skill' and 'experience' first. There is not such a thing as a 'bondage school'. There is no diploma, certificate, or whatever. There is just you knowing more, and being better in bondage than before you took the private tuition session.
Should I be nervous for such a session?
Of course not. Why should you? I'm just a regular guy: I eat, sleep and **** just like you. We're equal human beings. Chances are that I know a little more about bondage than you do, but that's what the session is for: sharing my knowledge with you. I'm sure you'll do just fine at our session!
What if I don't have a partner, but I'm willing to learn?
Obviously it is an advantage if you have a partner for doing bondage during the private session. You'll need somebody to practice on. Please do note that I'm in no way a 'dating service', but I can give you hints on where and how to find somebody for attending a (private) session:
  • You can start a topic in this Fetlife group. (please do note that Fetlife is a FREE website, but does require you to have an account. Btw: this is my Fetlife profile.
  • Wherever you're posting/asking/... for a model, make sure that you mention it is for a private tuition session. Yes you can mention it is given by me. Yes you can give them my email address if they want to confirm the session. Be polite, clear and honest. You'll be surprised how fast people are interested!
  • No, we cannot provide you a model. If you ask (by email) I could see if I know anybody who is interested. Don't count on it, chances are 1/100. I won't give you any contact details. I'll give your contact details to a possible partner.
If you're fine with getting a private session without having your own model, you can practice on my model. However, in that case, we've got a couple of questions for you. To be discussed by email. Please do note that such a setup slows down the workshop. This disallows us to do things 'next to each other'. Me giving the example - untying - you practising is slower than 'going together', but of course not impossible.
So I'm thinking about organising this event / party / gathering / ... and I think it would be really cool to have a Rope Bondage session for a limited set of couples. Is this possible?
Let me start by saying that indeed, this is a really cool idea! So yes, this is possible. Let's work out the details by email, but these things are important:
  • How many couples will be attending? Depending on the workshop content, the amount of couples attending the workshop will be limited at a different number. Rule of thumb: no more than 12 couples for any workshop.
  • What is the content that you would like to offer? (let's brainstorm on that)
  • What is the expected level of experience of the attending people?
  • Do you have a place / space / ... where the workshop will be held, and what does it look like? What facilities does it offer?
Can I trust you?
Yes you can. Agreed, it would be weird to say otherwise, but...
  • I have +10 years of bondage experience to rely on, both in teaching and bondage.
  • I have taught countless workshops - from beginners over intermediate to advanced.
  • Yes discretion is important to me. Nobody will ever know that you took one or more private sessions. By the way, I expect the same from you.
  • Might sound a bit silly, but yes I have a good reputation to keep up. On is only as good as his last action. You can trust me that I'll do everything I can to get you at the level that you're aiming for.
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