It is the rope that I use myself exclusively. I love everything about it - the feel, the touch, the smell, the looks... It's wonderful rope. The RopeBox is yours for only EUR 100.

What's in the RopeBox?
You'll get...
  • 8 lengths of 8m premium quality jute rope, with a diameter of 5 mm.
  • a 10% discount voucher for private tuition. See 'private tuition page' for more information, or contact me by email.
  • a guide on how to keep your ropes in optimal condition, so the fun you'll get out of them keeps on coming!
  • Where can I get the RopeBox?
    The RopeBox is...
    • available for online order by sending an email to In this case the RopeBox can be shipped to you by mail (adding EUR 10 shipment fee) when you pay in advance by bank transfer. We'll exchange details by email.
    • available at one of these retailers
      • list to be updated soon!
    So I got the RopeBox - What's next?
    Make sure you'll get the best out of your ropes.
    Treat your rope right
    It is very important to make sure you'll get the best out of your rope, that you treat it right. Read here how to do that.
    If you feel you need some, get tuition
    If you feel you could benefit from tuition, seek some. You can get some in many ways!
    • You can attend a workshop regularly hosted by me. RopeStarters (PLUS), RopeNights, Next Level Class... a lot is going on! Get your information on which is a non-profit organisation for Rope Bondage and based in Antwerp.
    • You may have various reasons to educate yourself more by means of a private workshop.
      • You feel more comfortable in a private session
      • The timing never seems to fit
      • you have specific skills in mind you're willing to master
      • ...
      In that case, one or more private tuition sessions might be just your thing! See 'private tuition page' for more information, or contact my by email.
    Practice... 'cause it makes perfect!
    Start practising. Do Rope Bondage. Act. Enjoy. Explore. Breathe, feel love Rope. Have a look at the Bondage page for more on this subject.
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